AW-UE70 Hothead

AW-UE70 Hothead

The UE70 Hothead is a small Pan/Tilt camera that can be remotely controlled and recorded. Offering full iris, focus and zoom control, this 4k/HD camera is quiet and discrete. The UE70 also offers night vision, so when coupled up with HotCam Infra Red lighiing can give a clear 'night vision' picture in a completely pitch black environment.


The UE70 offers 4k over IP. Not only offereing 4k recording, this 4k sensor gives superior HD pictures against older models.

HotCam offers a full range of mounting options for either an install or temporary shoot as well as a full record and engineered system. These cameras are indoor use only and can be installed as stand-alone (desktop - see picture) or suspended (Hanging).



Technical specifications: 
1/2in 3-type MOS
20 x Zoom F1.3 to F3.6. 35mm equivalent = 29.5mm to 612.0mm
160 x 186 x 179mm (Excluding mounting brackets)
1.5Kgs (Excluding Mounting brackets)
Pan Range
175 degrees
Tilt Range
90 to -30 degrees
AW-UE70 Hothead