Canon XJ86x9.3B


The Canon XJ86x9.3B is a box lens used to get the closest close up. This lens is ideal when you can&;t get close to the action and you need to. With a staggering x86 zoom (9.3mm wide - 800mm long) the XJ86 can offer you a standard lens wide shoot then zoom in smoothly (and incredibly fast when required) to a big close up. The XJ86 has adjustable horizontal and vertical stabilisation which is critical when zooming in so far. The lens also offers a built-in 2x extender for when you really need to get tight! Using the HDx35 adaptor you can mount this lens (or rather mount the camera to the lens) to an F55, PMW-300 or Alexa.

The lens requires large tripod supports and a Sony paintbox to be able to control the iris.  

HotCam recommends:

Tripods: Vinten V750

Paintboxes: Sony RCP-750, RCP-1500, RM-B150

Technical specifications: 
Focal Length
26.8kg (59.3lbs)
Minimum Object Distance
Zoom Ratio
Maximum Relative Aperture
1:1.7 at 9.3-340mm; 1:4.0 at 800mm