Mobile Broadcast System

The Mobile Broadcast System, “MBS” is the most versatile and cost effective alternative to an Outside Broadcast Truck.

Designed in-house by Hotcam, the MBS allows you to create a studio in just about any location or venue in the world.  It’s the system used for ITV's award winning shows "Britain’s Got Talent" & "The X Factor".

MBS is Hotcam’s modular solution for multi-camera shoots and filming scenarios, including complicated venues and difficult-to-reach locations.  The MBS system can be used for all genres including factual entertainmnet, reality, game shows, commercials, documentaries, corporate, fashion, sport, comedy, debates or anything that requires a multi-camera rig


  • Camera Formats: All are currently compatible with the MBS
  • Camcorders: MBS can utilise camcorders AND studio cameras
    • PSC & Studio based cameras are completely compatible and can be mixed with camcorders
    • Most set-ups are achievable through the MBS
    • Full racking and colour balancing is achievable at Vision Control using paint boxes and integrated using pushdown to link into a Grade 1 monitor for complete camera matching
  • Fibre Optic: makes any length of cable achievable between cameras and production galleries and video villages while video, audio, timecode, tallies, autocue, remote data and talkback to/from the cameras are embedded and multiplexed into the same cable allowing quick set-up and neat cable runs across the production
  • Modular Flypacks: built for easy transportation, fast setup and wrap
  • On Set: flexibility for directors, production and technicians.  Fixed locations for engineers and lighting director are a thing of the past!
  • ISO: MBS can ISO allowing flexibility to use as follows:
    • Vision Mix
      • Transmit Live
      • Record as Live
    • Edit in post production
  • Monitoring:
    • Setups can be as simple as a quad split or
    • As complex as a full production gallery with critical monitoring.
    • The MBS comes with a multi-viewer that can provide a confidence return from all cameras to include video, audio, time-code and tallies so that you can be assured that every camera is in sync
    • HD monitoring passes throughout the system ensuring accurate picture quality
    • Engineering: Grade 1 monitoring is a standard option
  • Audio:
    • Talkback: each camera has the capability of receiving two channels of talkback as well as programme sound, thus giving the operator an isolated comms feed of the director and a second channel to speak to Vision Control without interrupting the Director
    • Programme Sound: can be mixed down to the camera operator's headset so they can adjust their own talkback levels if required
  • Additional Equipment Modules:
    • If a vision mixer is required this module can easily be added to the system including giving tallies in the galleries and onboard the cameras
    • VT play-in and line records can also be added in any digital format

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